Fertility Market Predictor

This report details current and future market potential by zip code to help you quantify and visualize the opportunity in your own marketplace.  You will have access to the demographic and psychographic profile of patients who are up to 10x more likely to actually go through treatment. This information combined with a solid, data driven approach will optimize your growth strategy and predict expected outcomes. Includes heat maps and data by zip code.


Egg Freezing Predictor

Same report as above for elective egg freezing market.


Market Valuator

Consolidation and practice buy outs are on the rise. Now you can know what the buyers know about the market potential.  Arm yourself with information that helps you value your practice based on the future potential in the marketplace. Interactive tool available only to our clients

Top U.S. Markets Report

This report is perfect for large practices, networks, or industry players who want to use a sophisticated approach to identifying the best markets for expansions. This report provides ranking and modeling relative to other markets based on current and future patient potential, number of patients currently being treated, as well as the % of untapped market opportunity.


Individual Market Evaluation

This report is design to help you take a deep dive into a specific market to help you discover the ideal locations for a new office or if the market is poised for growth. You will have access to 6 year fertility practice trends, current and future patient potential, as well as visualization/heat maps of patient potential by zip code, competitive assessment and other critical data.

U.S. Fertility Trends Report by Market - Introductory Pricing

$900 for your primary market
+ $250 for additional market or state summary
+ $250 for additional market detail by practice
+ $250 if one of top 12 markets in the US
+ $2000 for all 110 market and 51 state summaries, including DC and Puerto Rico