We Are Fertility Dynamics. 

It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes the difference for our clients.  It’s not know what, but know how.  Our team has walked in your shoes, we’ve grown businesses from the ground up.  We know what you need to get things done – to execute and drive results. You need vision yes, but most clients already have plenty of that – you know where you want to go, but may lack the tools to get you there. That’s where we step in as part of the team.

Fertility Dynamics provides practical insight to help you leapfrog over costly learning curves and practical tools to guide your actions.  Customer research, market maps, marketing strategy and budget planning, marketing direction and growth programs. Solid, concise, actionable, and rewarding. 


"It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes the difference for our clients. It’s not know what, but know how."


Meet the Team

Patty Stull, Founder

Patty has been a fertility market strategist and trendsetter for 25 years.

Leads growth strategy and market development for Shady Grove Fertility resulting in 22 year record of exponential growth. Guided foundational programming for multiple businesses lines including fertility, egg donor, egg donor recruitment, and elective egg freezing.

Before co-founding Fertility Dynamics with Howard Taske, built in-house fertility marketing and PR group, and developed mobile and social communication platforms and programming that reach and convert thousands of prospective patients each year.

In her spare time, Patty enjoys spending time with family, scuba diving, skiing and reading.


Howard has been a business and data-analytics leader for 37 years.

Led insight and forecasting for consumer companies like Gillette, The Washington Post, Hanes underwear and Gallo wine.

Guided research for medical groups like Virginia Hospital Center, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Integramed and Shady Grove Fertility.

Before co-founding Fertility Dynamics with Patty Stull, helped launch iconic American brands, developed a science TV show, ran strategic planning for an ad agency, built multi-million dollar CRM systems and ran a consulting company.

In his spare time Howard enjoys sailing, archeology and writing.


KATHY HOUSER, Director of Client Services

Kathy has been an innovative healthcare marketer for more than a decade, including leadership roles with a large east coast fertility practice, a leading blood banking association located in Bethesda, Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore.

Among other accomplishments, she led a major call center migration involving a complex multi office fertility practice to a centralized unit, improving the patient intake experience and optimizing lead generation by implementing follow-up and measurement systems. At Johns Hopkins, Kathy promoted multiple medical units and highlighted the innovative work and research being conducted there.

She also served as Strategic Services Director for the Love & Company marketing agency.

When Kathy is not building success in the fertility space, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children.