Our Fertility Trends Report is designed to provide practical insights into six year patient and treatment growth trends and how these and other healthcare and technology changes impact practice management decisions. Available by practice, market and state.

A six year analysis of US ART business and treated patient trends including IVF, Donor Egg and Egg Freezing growth

Available by state, market and practice.

• Estimates of current market value and historical growth
• Number of OB’s and Reproductive Endocrinologists
• Competitive trends analysis

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• All US practices and markets (110)
• All States, including DC and Puerto Rico


• Introductory prices start at $250 depending on market and options


U.S. Fertility Trends Report by Market - Introductory Pricing

$900 for your primary market
+ $250 for additional market or state summary
+ $250 for additional market detail by practice
+ $250 if one of top 12 markets in the US
+ $1,250 for all 110 market and 51 state summaries, including DC and Puerto Rico